Mobile App Development

Android, ios, Hybrid

At RKM Software we specialise in Android and iOS Development. We develop both native and hybrid app technologies to best suit your company.

Web Development

Our experienced team of full-stack web developers will build websites and web applications based on your vision and business needs.

Clouds + Dev Ops

Whether you want to lower costs, increase operational efficiency, or innovate at scale, we can assist you and provide you with the skills and knowledge to achieve your organization’s goals. At RKM Software we are on hand with advice, installations, support, migration, cloud back up solutions.

We work with all types of organisations from small start ups to large enterprises whether you have a requirement to outsource the management of your cloud applications or you need assistance with migrating to the cloud we are here to help.

Testing & QA

Our QA Services will help you establish complete control over your product life cycle by monitoring every development stage. Our QA experts use the best practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance.


The rise of robotics worldwide has been an important development across many sectors over the past few years and RKM Software seeks to be at the forefront of this development. RKM is responsible for the hardware and software for the AI robot MYLO.

MYLO is a monitoring companion robot, paired with a health sensor watch, designed to help people with dementia to retain their independence while living at home or with their families, easing the stress involved with caring and being cared for. As well as this the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the contribution robotics can make to many sectors and we have worked on a number of R&D projects for commercial premises to reduce the face to face contact of staff and customers through the use of robotic systems.


Four in ten businesses reported a cyber attack or a security breach within their business. It is critical that you protect your business and invest in advanced measures that extend well beyond firewalls and anti-virus software.

UI / UX Design

We start every project with user centric designs because we understand that this is equally as important as highly skillful code. Our designers create designs that work smoothly on any device with the least number of clicks.

Software Testing

At RKM Software our team of experts can assist you with software maintenance and support services systems at your company.If your software is starting to slowdown its time to review your systems to ensure that your business is performing at its full potential. Our software solutions and maintenance experts can provide your business with the support that you need.